Quote of February

The quote of the month:

 Books: a beautifully browsable invention that needs no electricity and exists in a readable form no matter what happens.

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Good bye Alan Rickman

Hi everyone!

Well today passed away Alan Rickman… I don’t know what to write… I just know that I hate this week (also because of Bowie..). This post is mainly for this picture: it broke my heart but it’s worth it ->  CYtVSZgWAAE5gRX.jpg:large

Because one time in an interview he said that when he will be 80 years old and he will read Harry Potter on his rocking chair, his family would ask him “After all this time” and he would answer “Always”… And his dream can’t and will never become true.

Vanshika Prusty interview + giveaway

rebelHi everyone!

Today I’m very lucky to be interviewing Vanshika Prusty. Vanshika is an author and she’s written the book Rebel.

Today this post is all dedicated to Vanshika Prusty in this post you’ll find the interview, where you can find her and the book and a giveaway! This post hasn’t been all written by me so for more info check at the end of this post!

Her book is a dystpian young adult and science fiction.

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30 Books Reading Challenge 2016

Reading-Challenge-2016-1024Hi everyone!

This 30 books reading challenge for 2016 has been created by me! It’s the second year I make it and it’ll start the first of January and will end the 31st of December. At the end of this challenge there will be a giveaway for all the participants! (more info at the end of the post).

Here are the written tasks:

  1. A book that you really liked when you were little

  2. A book that you couldn’t fit in a previous challenge more “30 Books Reading Challenge 2016”