Book Blitz: Between The Sea And Stars by Chantal Gadoury


I am so excited to join the release day blitz of Between The Sea And Stars by Chantal Gadoury!
This blitz includes info about the book and a pre-order giveaway! So if you’d like a chance to win, check out the giveaway info below.


Between The Sea And Stars by Chantal Gadoury

Publication date: 19 June 2018
Publisher: The Parliament House
Formats: paperback, e-book
Plot: A Legend, A Magical Shell, A Girl Who Dreamed Of Something More…
Lena, a Merrow girl, lives in the Skagerrak sea with her father, Carrick and her brother, Javelin who tells her of the legend of the Merrow Queen murdered by her human lover when greed takes over. But what’s worth spilling the queen’s blood? Gifted from Poseidon, himself, a magic shell gives any human the ability to control both land and sea.When Javelin is called to join a clan of Merrow soldiers bent on protecting their waters from human invasion, Lena resists Merrow law and ventures to the shore with no choice but to swim to land.With newfound legs, Lena is whisked away on a new adventure with new friends and new trouble. Everyone seems to want something from her as intrigue lurks around every corner.Trying her best to hide who she is and remain safe from the dangers of the human world, will Lena finally find where she belongs, or will she be swept into a strong and stormy current by lust, greed, and jealousy? more “Book Blitz: Between The Sea And Stars by Chantal Gadoury”

Blog Tour: The Phantom of New York by A.L. Janney

The Phantom of New York tour banner NEW_preview

Hi everyone!
I’m so excited to join this tour about the book The Phantom of New York, volume 1 – Peter and the Crown by A.L. Janney.


ebook Cover_previewAbout the book The Phantom of New York:
  • Release date: December 2017
  • Genre: MG/YA Adventure
  • Plot: ‘This is a story about vigilantes and magic.
    About prophecy and hope.
    About a boy and his hotel.
    When twelve-year-old Peter Constantine wakes up in the Crown Hotel with a new identity, life isover ashe knows it. But perhaps that’s not such a bad thing…
    A dangerous man Peter only knows as“The Client”is after his family, so they’ve relocated toNew York City. With help from unlikely friends living at the glamorous hotel, including the ghost on the tenth floor, Peter’s new life begins. Soon, however, he learns of a plot to destroy his new home, a plot only the Phantom can foil.
    Peter and the Crownis the first book in the Phantom of New York series, an adventure for readers aged ten and up. If you like smart, funny characters and “can’t put it down” escapades, then you’ll love Alan Janney’s Phantom of New York series.’.
Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes & Noble

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Blog Tour: The West Woods by Suzy Vadori + excerpt and GIVEAWAY

The West Woods tour banner

Hi everyone!
I’m so excited to join this tour about the book The West Woods by Suzy Vadori.  In this post there are the various infos, an excerpt and a giveaway!


The West Woods Cover Reveal - Suzy Vadori Aug 8 2017About the book The West Woods:
  • Release date: September 22nd 2017
  • Publisher: Evil Alter Ego Press
  • Genre: YA
  • Plot: Magic, sacrifice and the quest for freedom.Courtney Wallis wants nothing more than to escape St. Augustus boarding school. After uncovering a well-kept secret about the school’s founder, Isaac Young, Courtney turns to the school’s magic to convince her dad to let her leave. Things take a turn when she meets Cole, who lives in the nearby town of Evergreen. He gives her hope that things might not be so bad. However, the school’s fountain has other ideas, and binds Courtney to her ambition, no matter the cost.
    As Courtney struggles to keep the magic from taking over, she and her friends get drawn into the mystery woven into the school’s fabric. Everything seems to lead back to the forbidden West Woods. Together, she and her friends seek out the spirits of the past to ask for help, and find themselves in much deeper than they’d bargained for.  If they succeed, Courtney could be free of the magic. If they fail, she may never be the same.
Goodreads | Amazon | B&N | Kobo

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Blog Tour: The Book Knights + Interview and Giveaway


Hi everyone!
I’m so excited to join this tour about the book The Book Knights by J.G. McKenney.  In this post there are the various infos, an interview and a giveaway!


Adobe Photoshop PDFAbout the book The Book Knights:
  • Release date: July 5, 2017
  • Publisher: J.G. McKenney
  • Pages: 272
  • Formats: Paperback and Ebook
  • Plot: From the award winning author of EON’S DOOR comes an Arthurian tale like no other. When her parents are condemned to death by Morgan Fay for the crime of reading, Arti Penderhagen becomes a fugitive. Hunted by Mordred, the sadistic police captain who recites poetry to enhance his physical strength, Arti escapes to the Isle of Avalon, a sanctuary for outlaws. There she meets an old librarian named Merl who tells her about the Grail Tome, an ancient book in Morgan Fay’s possession that can alter the course of history. Can Arti steal the book in time to save her family?THE BOOK KNIGHTS is a fantasy adventure in which knights wield words as weapons, librarians are wizards, and books can change the future.
Goodreads | Amazon

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Joined by Mara Gan Blog Tour + Excerpt and Giveaway


Hi everyone!
I’m so excited to join this tour about the book Joined by Mara Gan.  In this post there are the various infos, an excerpt and a giveaway!

About the book JoinedJoined book cover:
  • Release date: September 12th 2017
  • Publisher: Inkspell Publishing
  • Genre: YA/NA, Sci-fi, Romance
  • Plot: Duty and prophecy get in the way of everything.
    All I ever wanted to do was read my books, play my sports, and help people. Life and prophecy had other things in mind.
    Helping people is what I do; as an empath and semi-frequent telepath, I can easily sense and understand people’s needs and emotions. Sometimes even before they do. Being able to read everyone’s thoughts and feelings all the time can drive me crazy with anxiety, but that moment when I can finally make someone’s life better makes everything worth it.Unfortunately, I’m also the next in line to rule the galaxy, I’m the only diplomat most planets will listen to, assassins try to kill me on an annoyingly regular basis, and a much-vauntedProphecy has decreed that I’m going to die. Oh, and someone blew up my home planet. Kind of a lot to deal with, right?Too bad I just got another problem: a big, irritating, overbearing bodyguard with serious anger management issues.
    And I think I’m falling for him.
Goodreads | Amazon | Kobo | Itunes

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Blog Tour: Cinderella Necromancer + Interview and Giveaway


Hi everyone!
I’m so excited to join this tour about the book Cinderella Necromancer by F.M. Boughan.  In this post there are the various infos, an interview and a giveaway!

CinderellaNecromancerAbout the book Cinderella Necromancer:

  • Release date: 5th of September 2017
  • Publisher: Month9Books, LLC
  • Pages: 324
  • Formats: Paperback and Ebook
  • Plot: CINDERELLA,NECROMANCER is CHIME meets ANNA, DRESSED IN BLOOD and was inspired by a real medieval grimoire of necromancy from 15th-century Germany.
    Ellison lost her mother at an early age. But since then, her father has found love again. He’s happy and doesn’t quite notice that Ellison does not get along with his new wife or her mean daughters.
    When Ellison discovers a necromantic tome while traveling the secret passages of her father’s mansion, she wonders if it could be the key to her freedom.
    Until then, she must master her dark new power, even as her stepmother makes her a servant in her own home. And when her younger brother falls incurably ill, Ellison will do anything to ease his pain, including falling prey to her stepmother and stepsisters’ every whim and fancy.
    Stumbling into a chance meeting of Prince William during a secret visit to her mother’s grave feels like a trick of fate when her stepmother refuses to allow Ellison to attend a palace festival.
    But what if Ellison could see the kind and handsome prince once more? What if she could attend the festival? What if she could have everything she ever wanted and deserved by conjuring spirits to take revenge on her cruel stepmother?
    As Ellison’s power grows, she loses control over the evil spirits meant to do her bidding. And as they begin to exert their own power over Ellison, she will have to decide whether it is she or her stepmother who is the true monster.

Goodreads | Amazon | B&N | TBD | iBooks


About F.M. Boughan: 

F.M. Boughan is a bibliophile, a writer, and an unabashed parrot enthusiast. She can often be found writing in local coffee shops, namely because it’s hard to concentrate with a cat lying on the keyboard and a small, colorful parrot screaming into her ear. Her work is somewhat dark, somewhat violent, somewhat hopeful, and always contains a hint of magic.

You can follow Faith on Twitter (@FaithBoughan) for plenty of flailing about food (she likes to cook!), TV shows (she watches too many), and world dance (did you know she’s been performing & instructing in Bollywood-style dance for over 8 years?). Or catch her on Facebook where she just might post pictures of her adorable cat & bird… among other things. F.M. Boughan is represented by Bill Contardi of Brandt & Hochman.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Goodreads


Arvenig: Hello, could you tell us a little about yourself and your background?

F.M. Boughan: Hi! I’m a Canadian author who hates cold weather, loves humidity, and hence is probably living in the wrong climate. Oh well! I share a home with an ornery sun conure parrot, a co-dependent cat, and an unflappable bunny. Uh, and my husband. I went to school for a Classical Studies and Near Eastern archaeology degree, which I promptly ignored to write books instead. FUN!

A.: When did you begin writing and when did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

F.: In grade one (that’s “first grade” for you American types), I wrote a book about an alien who lived on Mars and ate a lot of chocolate bars. Yes, it rhymed. Yes, I loved it (still do, tbh). Basically, I’ve wanted to be a writer since the moment I knew that was a thing people did.

A.: What book/books or author/authors have had a strong influence on you or your writing?

F.: This is a tough question, because I feel like every book I read teaches me something—and I read a lot. But if I had to dig really deep, I’d say that Holly Lisle had a major influence during the period directly leading up to writing CINDERELLA, NECROMANCER. After I decided to get serious about writing as a career, I took her two “big courses,” How to Think Sideways and How to Revise Your Novel. They were incredibly formative and I still use many of the techniques I learned there.
Stephen King’s On Writing also changed the way I think about my relationship to the written word. As for just straight-up author influences, I actually think Karen Marie Moning’s early books in her Fever series taught me a ton about taking risks with your characters and story direction—that no risk is too great. Go ahead and burn the entire world down if the story needs it, for example. It makes for a heck of a ride afterward.

A.: Give us an insight into your main character. What does she do that is so special?

F.: I think what makes Ellison special to me is her perseverance, regardless of how terrifying and awful her situation becomes. She’s willing to do whatever it takes to keep her family safe, even when she’s not sure it’s the right thing. But she tries and tries and then tries again, and refuses to compromise or give up. There’s no fairy godmother coming to save her in this story, so it’s up to Ellison to get the job done.

A.: What do you think most characterizes your writing?

F.: Honestly, I’m hoping readers will tell me that! I’d like to think I write with a distinct voice and infuse my stories with hope—despite the darkness—but I suppose time will tell whether readers feel the same way.

A.: Is there a message in your story that you want readers to grasp?

F.: Wherever we are in our lives, no matter the situation, no matter how dark or dire or how hard it may be, we can be a force for good. We can take action to instigate change. Yes, it may cost us dearly. Yes, we may lose friends and loved ones. But we have to choose: Do the easy thing, or do the right thing?

A.: What are you working on at the moment?

F.: Another book… that I can’t say much about. Sorry! But it’s another YA fantasy, possibly just as “dark but hopeful.” That’s the intention, anyway!

A.:Thank you so much for letting me interview you, any last thoughts for our readers?

F.: Thank you for having me, and thank you to YOU, reader, for taking the time to read this interview and to consider reading CINDERELLA, NECROMANCER! I love hearing from readers and seeing your book photos, so feel free to connect with me on Twitter (@FaithBoughan) or tag me in your bookstagram shots on Instagram (@boughanfire).


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Book Tour: The Deadly Sun by H.J. Lawson

The Deadly Sun tour banner

Hi everyone! I’m so excited to join this tour about the book The Deadly Sun by H.J. Lawson. In the post you’ll find the plot, a bio about the author and a giveaway!


The Deadly SunAbout the book The Deadly Sun:
  • Genres: YA Dystopian, Scifi
  • Release date: August 21st 2017
  • Plot: Skylier is desperate to escape her underground confines and save her mother’s life. On a school visit, she hears something she’s not supposed to and now she realizes that not only was her whole life a lie, but that she is in grave danger. She doesn’t know who to trust and her enemies are everywhere. Now she is in a race against time to save not only her life, but her mother’s and those she cares about.And if she fails, she’ll suffer a fate worse than death…

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