Guest Post: Why I Write Science Fiction and Fantasy by Kay Benson

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Why I Write Science Fiction and Fantasy

Growing up, there were plenty of books and movies to fall in love with; Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and more. I had every Queen Amidala toy that was made, I was Hermione Granger for Halloween multiple years, and Sailor Moon and her pretty guardians have been my favorites for as long as I can remember.
I loved that these girls and women not only lived in worlds that I wished so badly to be a part of, but I loved that they were brave, kind, and with the exception of Padme, made choices that were worthy of exemplification (I know we wouldn’t have Luke and Leia, but I would have run for my life on Tatooine!). Anyway, they were people I wanted to be like, and I always wanted one of my characters to join them someday.
We live in a world where young girls need as many good role models as they can get. I’m so thrilled that Star Wars has given us Rey and Jyn, but I want the Fantasy world to follow suite! Cassandra Clare and Sarah J. Maas have done a great job, but I want more!
Without giving too much away, Sage Wolfe, the main character in my book Enshrine, is not perfect. In fact, there are times where she is a hot mess, but she grows in the novel. She is strong for her family and eventually for herself. Sage tries to find the best in people and in situations, even if it doesn’t always work out. I hope that girls and women can relate to her as well as get lost in the beautiful world that she lives in. I hope that all the characters in my books move people in some way.
If I can make one girl feel for Sage what I felt for my fiction “idols” growing up, it’s a victory. Now to go make some more!



Enshrine book coverAbout the book Enshrine:
When Sage Wolfe is accidentally mistaken for a peace offering, her world turns upside down. Dayton, the young, handsome, and insane King of Rosementh whisks her away to his castle to be his bride with the promise that he can give her the world and anything she desires. These offers becoming tainted as Dayton’s true colors show themselves; he is cruel and violent and Sage vows to run away or die trying.
Just when Sage thinks she is hitting rock bottom, a hooded stranger named Jonathan Kreider comes to the castle. He doesn’t say much but his actions speak for themselves. Not only can he wield a sword or shoot an arrow better than most of Dayton’s men, but he always seems to be a step behind Sage, and though it should terrify her, for the first time Sage finds herself filling with hope.
Sage is faced with a choice. Should she run away from the wicked king who took her away from her family? Or should she stay to learn more about the man who lurks in the shadows, the man that makes her heart race and almost makes suffering Dayton’s wrath worthwhile? Sage is about to discover that nothing is as it seems and everyone has secrets; Dayton, the man that calls himself Jonathan Kreider, and even herself.

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Carroll_KayBenson-Web-4796About the author Kay Benson:

Kay Bennson is from Northwestern Connecticut where she lives with her husband. She doesn’t remember a time where she wasn’t writing stories (in fact, some of her best ideas were forged in high school classes and at part time jobs). When she isn’t writing, she is a competitive Irish Dancer. Enshrine is her first novel.

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What do you think about the guest post? What do you think about the book?
What genre do you write?
Thank you for reading,
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