30 books reading challenge 2015

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Hi everyone!

Today I want to propose my 30 books reading challenge. For this challenge the participants have to read 30 books before 2015 ends. Today I’m going to share with you the challenge!

When I’ll end the list of books to read and when I finish an item of the list I’ll share it on Twitter, so make sure you follow me! I’m Star_Ginny and on this account I also tweet when I publish new posts.

I would really like your comments, but you can also write me or tweet me if you want to partecipate or if you have any ideas about this!


Below you can find the challenge as text, but if you can also download the challenge as image:Reading_challenge_en


  1. A book witten by one of your favorite authors
  2. A book from a genre that you never read
  3. A collection of short stories
  4. A poetry book
  5. A book to read in one day
  6. A diary or a biography
  7. A book published this year
  8. A book that everyone has read but you
  9. A best seller
  10. A book that you read, but you don’t remember
  11. A book with more than 500 pages
  12. A saga or the sequel of a book
  13. A book with a number in the title
  14. A book written by a famous person
  15. A book inspired by a real story
  16. A book that has been written more than 100 years ago
  17. A book set in a place that you want to visit
  18. A book published in the year when you were born
  19. A trilogy
  20. A science fiction book or a book in the future ??
  21. A book that is becoming a movie
  22. A book that you never read but you saw as a movie
  23. A book that you own but you haven’t read
  24. A book written by someone with your same initials
  25. A book that you have started to read but you never finished it
  26. A book that won a prize
  27. A book with negative reviews
  28. A book by an author younger than 30 years old
  29. A book that has a single word title
  30. More books!



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