Featuring Authors #7

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Hi everyone!

Today is the seventh day of my new weekly series! In this series I feature authors!

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Today I’m going to feature Charles Massie an author that has written The Red Road to Hades . In this post there will be a bio about the author and , and an interview!


About Charles W. Massie:

Charles Massie, the oldest of four children, grew up in upstate New York. After finishing high school, he enlisted in the United States Navy and served a total of six years at various ports around the world. Returning to civilian life, he continued his education at Syracuse University and eventually worked for a number of engineering firms before finding his calling in the sales field. Having an entrepreneurial spirit, he decided to go off on his own and has been instrumental in overseeing such companies as Massie Engineering Associates, InfoTech Consulting, LLC, and CaterCats Catering.
The call of creative expression has always been in the background of his life and over the years, he has submitted articles and stories to Twilight Zone Magazine, Readers Digest, Analog Publications and others.
His hobbies, when he is not writing, include progressive rock music, computers and other toys, traveling and enjoying the gifts that he has been blessed with. He loves animals, humor, exotic cars and practicing random acts of kindness.

He lives in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and New York State and maintains his website at: www.starshowpublications.com


About the book Red Road to Hades:

This is the story of a love afair that went tragically wrong. The main character falls for a woman who turns out to be a vicious black widow. She accuses and has him falsely arrested for trafficking drugs. She then steals all of his possessions and moves out of state. The main character is then convicted and sent to state prison. This story is about redemption and revenge. It will make anyone considering an internet based romance, to reconsider.

Not all roads lead to Paradise. This story is based on true events.
Imagine your life moving in a gulley. You are not getting ahead but you are not falling behind either. You analyze the situation and decide to move to a new locale; a place that will offer new opportunity and new excitement. Perhaps even a new romance.
This is the story of a retired gentleman from New York who yearns to improve his life on many levels. He meets a lady on Craig’s List who offers all the things he desires. She is a beautiful redhead; a business owner who is smart, funny, and living in a part of the world he has considered for his new habitat. They engage in lively chats, by both email and telephone. She finally invites him to visit her in Kentucky, where she lives and works.
Deciding to take a chance, he agrees to make a trip to meet her face-to-face. Their meeting is absolute magic. They have so many common interest, he feels like he has met his soul-mate in life. The days together are filled with love and laughter as they thoroughly enjoy each others company.
But it is in the bedroom where the real fireworks happen.
Even though neither of them are ‘spring chickens’, their sexual responses to each other can rival couples half their age. They move in together, starting a new chapter in their lives. Only one problem exists.
The lady is a black widow in disguise.
The story now becomes a voyage into perdition. Suffering at the hands of his sadistic lover is only the beginning. Physical and emotional abuse from a corrupt judicial system may lead to his death. In the face of overwhelming odds, the central character fights on to save his life, his honor and maybe his sanity. Through the journey, the reader will come to see how one man used every ounce of his being to survive.
The Red Road to Hades offers a look at domestic abuse from the male point of view and is a ‘must read’ for anyone considering an Internet-Based relationship.


Arvenig: Tell us a little about yourself and your background!
Charles: I have spent the majority of my life in the engineering and sale field. Over the last 30 years, I have written numerous short stories, which have been submitted to magazines. Some have been published and many have not. I decided in 2012 to attempt writing a novel, and the first was titled Pinned. I like to put publications out in a variety of genre’. I have 3 true crime novels, 1 humour book and 1 young adult adventure. In the future, I will be doing a series of cookbooks, and a trilogy dealing with reincarnation.A: When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?
C: As a kid, I was always telling stories to my siblings and peers. About 30 years ago, I decided to put these ideas into print and began to submit articles to a variety of magazines. This passion for story-telling has grown into my being a full time author.A: Is there a message in your book that you want readers to grasp?
C: There are several messages in ‘The Red Road to Hades’.

  • The first message is to think with your head and not your heart. The central character in this book acted on impulse and not much thought was given to his choice of actions.
  • The second is to never give up when you know you are right. If the central character had not maintained his efforts, he very likely would still be incarcerated.
  • Thirdly, faith in God is extremely important. Not only does faith do a lot to negate immediate pain, but faith will bouy a person against all the future storms in life.

A: What are you working on at the moment?
C: I am doing edits on several of my previously written short stories. I intend to publish a collection of short stories at a future date.


So what do you think about Charles W. Massie’s book?

Thanks for reading,
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