Featuring Authors #25: Laura Camby McCaskill + GIVEAWAY

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Hi everyone!
This is the twenty-fifth post of my featuring authors series. Today I’m going to feature Laura Camby McCaskill, author of Fallow and Her Keepers! In this post there will be a bio about the author and one of her books, an interview and a giveaway!

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IMG_5137 (2)About Laura Camby McCaskill

In 2012, I published my first work, a paranormal thriller, Her Keepers. From 2012 until now it has gained 5 starts on Amazon, with great reviews. My second work, a romance thriller entitled Fallow, was published in September 2016. Fallow, like Her Keepers, has gained 5 stars. I followed in the steps of my mother, Judy Camby. Judy was a local children’s author in Asheville NC.
Judy was only able to get one book published before she passed away in 2010. Judy’s first work, Mr. Book’s Story, was published in 2008 and I began marketing it then. From 2008 until now, I have worked with schools, library’s, children’s homes, and children’s hospitals, giving away free copies to children in need. In March of this year I published mom’s second work, A Collection of Love (Illustrated by Sumio Seo, Nancy Worley, and Stacy Abidi.). A Collection of Love holds three different children’s stories, (1)Sunshine, (2)Gail Can Cook, and (3)Laura and the Dr.

I’m a nationally certified pharmacy technician. If I’m not working or writing you’ll find me somewhere with my fur-babies, Sebastian and Belle. I work with one of the local animal shelters here to foster animals (bunnies) until they find their fur-ever home. I currently have a little boy bun named Belk who is about to undergo some surgery soon. He’s a fighter!

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fallow imageAbout the book Fallow:

As she helplessly rides in a carriage steered by her kidnappers, the only thing Adine can do is wait. The marketplace is ahead of her and her future is growing dimmer with every mile. A short time later, she is sold into slavery with three other women, leaving her with nothing—not even hope. But everything changes when a band of Freedom Fighters storm their wagon and snatch Adine and her fellow captives from their new owners.

Now as Adine is left to wonder whether the men are really freedom fighters or slave traders in disguise, she struggles with her decision to trust them. As the caravan travels through a desert rampant with murderous slave traders, poisonous vipers, and an ex-slave with an evil mission, one Freedom Fighter appoints himself as Adine’s bodyguard. Drake must not only protect the naïve girl from the dangers in the desert, but also from himself. As he tackles threats and attempts to keep Adine alive, his loyalty to the caravan is tested, leaving him with an agonizing choice and the power to transform Adine’s future.

Fallow shares an exciting tale of adventure after a young girl is kidnapped, sold into slavery, and rescued by Freedom Fighters who lead her down a dangerous path where a new destiny awaits.

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Arvenig: How many unpublished, half-finished books do you have?

Laura: Over twenty, I have over 25 years of works in notebooks all around the house. Some I go back to and look over, some I’m working on now. The rest will wait there for me until inspiration hits!


A.: What does literary success look like to you?

I.:  When I walk into a bookstore and overhear two people (who are holding one of my works) talking about how the book changed their life. How much they liked/loved it. That they were going to tell all of their friends to read it because it’s THAT good. When I hear them say, I can’t wait for the next one to come out. To me, that is success.

A: That would be amazing!


A.: What are your current projects?

I.: I am working on the sequel to Her Keepers, writing an article about my foster bunny, and writing a Christian romance to be entered into a contest. Wish me luck!

A.: Describe what your ideal writing space looks like.

I.: The room was a good sized room with plenty of storage space. Or was at one point but over time there were many books accumulated that it now looked like a small library. Everywhere you looked there were books lying around, sticking out of shelves, lying on the floor opened to the last page where the reader had left off. Light spilled in from the front of the room through an enormous picture window, it revealed nature and all of its beauty. Because the room was tucked away deep in the woods, there was the occasional wild but beautiful visitor. The light colored carpet stretched the entire length of the room, it was the type of carpet one would dig their toes in to warm them on a cold night. Sitting to the side was one small desk; it was big enough to hold a laptop, a notebook, and a warm glass of hot coco. The matching chair stood beside it. They were the only pieces of furniture in the room. Just beside the desk, a dog bed; just large enough to hold both of her 50 pound dogs, comfortably. It was a comfy place to rest and wait for mom to finish writing. The room was very comfortable, with cream colored walls and ceiling. It was THE perfect place to write.

A.: Thank you so much! Good luck for the contest!


Thanks to her I’m able to give away 1 PAPERBACK COPY OF FALLOW!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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