Featuring Authors #21: Ideas With Ink + GIVEAWAY

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Hi everyone!
This is the twentyfirst post of my featuring authors series. Today I’m going to feature Ideas With Ink that has written Time Capsule! In this post there will be a bio about the author and one of her books, an interview and a giveaway! I’m also reading the book at the moment and I love it!

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Ideas With Ink:

A Canadian teenager, born in Toronto, Canada in 2000, has written this collection of poetry and prose over the course of last three years, and it has become the time capsule of his teenagehood.
At first, poetry was his refuge from high school, its challenges, and several unfortunate circumstances (including sever bulling for his race, and religion, as well as suffering a mental illness as a result, which he overcame and persevered.). The Ideas with Ink website was born as an outlet for his work and the writing for him became a passion. He uses his pseudonym Ideas With Ink as a shield, but also as a way to express his views and opinions.
He is incredibly vivid in his imagination and word choices, which are drawn from his experiences and aspirations. He is not scared to experiment with forms and literary devices without thinking about any accepted writing norms, making his work interesting and provoking.
He draws his inspirations from his everyday experiences, his dreams, from his worries about who he is or who will become, his exploration of his future paths and the impact that he can make in this world. All the insecurities and hopes that any modern teenager has he channels into his poetry and creates beautiful work.
He is fluent in a few languages (English, French, Russian and Spanish) and comes from a multicultural upbringing (Russian and East-Indian), which helps him to have a new fresh perspective on everyday and historical events, feelings, and emotions.
He is passionate about human rights issues, including minority and queer rights and feminism. His honesty and sincerity can appeal to any reader.
While dealing with life and professional rejections, volunteering with inner city kids, he decided to help other creative Canadian teens to get published, recognized and founded www.canadianteenauthors.ca, which will have the voting process for the works to go into 2018 Canadian Teen Poets and Canadian Teen Prose Anthologies.
He is the member of the Canadian League of Poets.

Website | Goodreads | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Google+
Email: ideaswithink@gmail.com


34873162About the book Time Capsule:

Life Became His Poetry. Poetry Became His Life. Captivating Poetry and Prose collection by 16-year-old Canadian teenager.
The pain, the betrayal, lost friendships, first unrequited love bled from his soul, seeped through his fingers and into the words and sentences on a laptop. The images born in his mind lived on paper.
Three years of poetry filled with despair and hope went into this book and were conserved as the time capsule of his teenagehood.
Writing gave him a purpose to live, a desire to share his thoughts, emotions, and experiences, a will to connect with the world through rhythm and line.
The wonderful images and exceptional depth of the topics give a reader an amazing path to explore love, death, dreams and life itself through the eyes and soul of a modern teen.

Goodreads | Amazon



Arvenig: Tell us a little about yourself and your background!

Ideas With Ink: I am a 16 year old Canadian, raised in a multicultural family (Russian mom (I am fluent in Russian) and East-Indian dad, went to bilingual (I am fluent in French) school, and in the last 3 years have been learning Spanish. I love dogs and my #writingbuddy (can be seen om my Instagram page @ideaswithink) is my 9 year old labrador Ginger. (More in the bio).

A.: When did you first realise you wanted to be a writer?

I.:  I never wanted to be a writer when I started around 13. Writing was my refuge and my rescue. I have been writing for the last three years and it allowed me to think, learn about myself and connect with interesting people. Even now I think about myself more than a writer, probably, an author, artist, thinker. I like to ask myself different questions and search for the answers.

A.: Is there a message in your book that you want readers to grasp?

I.: My first book title is the message. It is literally the Time Capsule of those last three years of my life, which I concealed inside the pages. (More in the description).

A.: What are you working on at the moment?

I.: I have completed my second book “nothing by no-bodI” and it will be published this September. It is a po-vetry or novel-try, a poetic novel that explores who we are as humans, persons, people and souls. It has lots of my drawings as well.

A.: I’m looking forward to the next book, I already really like the first one!



Thanks to him I’m able to give a giving away 3 PAPERBACK COPIES!

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