Featuring Authors #19: Richelle Goodrich + Signed Paperback GIVEAWAY

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Hi everyone!
This is the nineteenth post of my featuring authors series. Today I’m going to feature Richelle Goodrich that has written The Tarishe Curse, Making Wishes Eena, The Dawn and Rescue (The Harrowbethian Saga #1), and many other ones! In this post there will be a bio about the author and one of her books, an interview and a giveaway!

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About Richelle Goodrich:

Richelle is a native of Washington State, graduated from Eastern Washington University with bachelor’s degrees in Liberal Studies and Math/Science Education. Her quotes have been published in a number of books including the Oxford Philosophy Being HumanCourse Book, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Christmas in Canada, and in a Revlon magazine ad campaign. She has a strong love of the arts―drama, choir, sketching, painting, literature. This author writes whenever and wherever opportunity presents itself. She describes herself beautifully in the following quote:

“I like bubbles in everything. I respect the power of silence. In cold or warm weather I favor a mug of hot cocoa. I admire cats―their autonomy, grace, and mystery. I awe at the fiery colors in a sunset. I believe in deity. I hear most often with my eyes, and I will trust a facial expression before any accompanying comment. I invent rules, words, adventures, and imaginary friends. I pretend something wonderful every day. I will never quit pretending.”
~ Richelle E. Goodrich

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25796273About the book Eena, The Dawn and Rescue:

Sevenah Williams lives a quiet farm life with her parents and best friend, Ian. Life is good and predictable until the unexpected yanks her from the only reality she remembers. Forced from home, her tragic and forgotten past is pieced together revealing that Sevenah is in fact heir to the throne of Harrowbeth; she is the last living of royal blood able to don a peculiar heirloom necklace. Given the new name, Eena, she and Ian set off for a new home, dodging nightmarish enemies in the process. All the while great powers granted by the enchanted necklace slowly emerge and develop.
Eena is assisted by militia sent to retrieve their queen, commanded by the bossy and intimidating Captain Derian. Though Ian and Derian endeavor to protect her, Eena is abducted by a charming, silver-tongued man. She finds herself forced to choose sides in a civil war she hardly understands. Which rival has the power to convince her of his nobleness and gain her ultimate support

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Arvenig: Tell us a little about yourself and your background!

Richelle: My name is Richelle E. Goodrich.  I am native to the Pacific Northwest area of the United States.  I attended Eastern Washington University in my younger years and graduated with two bachelors degrees: BAEd Natural Science/Mathematics and BA General Studies. I am married and have three teenage boys who are nothing alike.  I love all forms of art and literature, especially imaginative epic sagas. I have authored fourteen original works, eight of which are self-published and available for purchase in ebook and paperback forms online.  I write poetry and life quotes, as well as fantasy-scifi-romance sagas and moving novels that appeal to both young adults and seasoned adults. My personal favorite self-authored book is Dandelions: The Disappearance of Annabelle Fancher because many events in the story were taken from the lives of my friends. It is a realistic story mingled with moments of make-believe.  My absolute favorite book of all time is Les Miserable by Victor Hugo.

A.: When did you first realise you wanted to be a writer?

R.:  Quite honestly, my interest in writing was sparked later in life.  While in school I concentrated more on the sciences, mathematics , and art. Writing was less appealing to me. It wasn’t until I turned 38 that I had a flicker of inspirational thought that spurred me to attempt to write a book. It was meant to be a fun challenge.  It took me two years to complete my first book–Eena, The Dawn and Rescue–during which time I fell in love with storytelling. I never thought I would love writing as I now do.  If you would like to read a more detailed account of how I came to be a writer, visit my blog post, Whatever Made You Want to Write a Book? http://regoodrichnews.blogspot.com/2012/05/whatever-made-you-want-to-write-book.html?m=1

A.: Is there a message in your book that you want readers to grasp?

R.: The Harrowbethian Saga was written purely as a world of fantasy in which to get lost. If a message does exist in its pages I would say it is this: getting to know yourself is a never-ending journey filled with surprises.
Dandelions: The Disappearance of Annabelle Fancher was written to shake people up.  It is meant to make readers peel away their blinders and pay closer attention to where their help is needed.
My three quote/poetry books–Smile Anyway, Making Wishes, and Slaying Dragons–are filled with motivational, inspirational, and thought-provoking messages for every day of the year.

A.: What are you working on at the moment?

R.: I am presently working on the final touches for the cover to the 4th book in the Harrowbethian Saga–Eena, The Two Sisters. Its official release date is set for August 10th, 2017.  Preorder options will be available in July. Afterwards, I will dive right into editing the 5th book in this epic saga–Eena, The Tempter’s Snare. The 6th book will follow–Eena, The Companionship of the Dragon’s Soul.  It is the final book in the series.

A.: Any last thoughts for our readers?

R.: When you find an author you like, one  whose works you truly enjoy, the kindest, most helpful thing you can do is post reviews and ratings for his/her books at online book sites like Goodreads, Librarything, Amazon, BarnesandNobles, Kobo, iTunes, etc.  It is a tremendous help to a struggling author. It can also be a sweet form of praise that affects the hopeful heart of any writer.



Thanks to her I’m able to give a giving away an SIGNED PAPERBACK copy of Eena, The Dawn and Rescue and 1 ebook copy of the same book!

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