Quote of May

The quote of the month:

“Sometimes people are beautiful.
Not in looks. Not in what the say.
Just in what they are. ”

I’m happy if you suggest me some quotes (I give credits!)

Message in an egg

Hi everyone!

This is a tutorial is inspired by Bethany Mota. It’s a really easy gift that is recommended for Easter but it can be good whenever you want! This tutorial will help you make ann egg with some glitter and a message in it!

Materials (more…)

6 Months Blogiversary!


This is a bonus post because today I realized that exactly six months ago I started writing in english! I decided that all the other stuff doesn’t count so much because it wasn’t a serious thing…

I want to say thank you to my followers and to people that supported me. I know I have only 69 followers on twitter and 12 on tumblr but hey keep calm!

A lot of people helped me and I wanted to thank you again after the wrap-ups posts!

Have a great week,