Message in an egg

Hi everyone!

This is a tutorial is inspired by Bethany Mota. It’s a really easy gift that is recommended for Easter but it can be good whenever you want! This tutorial will help you make ann egg with some glitter and a message in it!


  • An egg
  • A needle
  • A toothpick
  • Glue (for this tutorial I prefer Elmer’s glue but you can use any liquid glue)
  • Glitter
  • Some paint or something that you can use to decorate and color the egg
  • A straw or a syringe
  • A plate (I used a plastic one and then I threw it away)
  • Scissors
  • Some scrap paper
  • A pen

Let’s start!!

  • Firstly you have to puncture the egg on the “two poles”. The first pole should be very little but the second one should be bigger for the message.
  • With the straw you have to blow away the liquid part of the egg. To help the2 yolk get out I usually shake it.
  • To make sure the egg is empty use some water.
  • Color the egg if you want.
  • Now that it’s empty cover with glue the little hole and let it dry.6
  • Write a quote or an inscription. I wrote “A smile is the best make-up you can wear”.
  • Roll up the quote.
  • Put the quote inside the egg.4
  • Create a funnel with some paper.
  •  Pour the glitter in the egg (not too much).9
  • Last but not least cover the second hole with some glue and let it dry.


That’s it for the tutorial! Are there any questions? What are you going to do on Easter?

Have a great week,



3 thoughts on “Message in an egg

  1. Krysta @ Pages Unbound Reply

    This looks really fun and I think children would love sending “spy” messages in eggs. I’d be worried about smashing the egg when I tried to poke the holes in it, though. Can you do that by accident?

    1. Arvenig Reply

      Well when I decided to do that I took an egg, made the first hole and accidentally dropped it on the floor. The I took the second egg but I was holding it too tightly so I smashed it. 🙂 🙂
      After that I didn’t break any other egg doing it… It’s really easy; my advice is to make a tiny little hole, remove the needle and try slowly to make the hole bigger and when you’re making the first hole concentrate on the hand that’s holding the egg and make sure it’s relaxed!

      1. Krysta @ Pages Unbound Reply

        I would definitely drop the egg, too! But it’s good to know that you were ultimately successful!

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