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Hi everyone!

I recently created this challenge! All you need is something where you can draw and something you can use to draw! This challenge starts and ends whenever you want! I’ll start on the 4th of January and will post every 7 days so every Wednesday I’ll post a picture on Twitter and Pinterest.

If you want to participate please comment below, use the hashtag #50CreativeDays on twitter, tag me and use this banner:

<a href=”“><img src=”” width=”220″/></a>

The tasks can be completed by drawing, writing, taking pictures, ecc.

Here are the tasks:

50_creative_days_ challenge

Near some tasks I’ve put (…) it’s just to help you :)

  1. Yourself (portrait, describe you)

  2. Bucket list

  3. Tape

  4. Mirror

  5. Anti-stress

  6. Repeat (one word)

  7. Recipe

  8. Routine

  9. Stamps

  10. Outfit (you can print the model)

  11. Diagram

  12. Drips

  13. Make up

  14. Tattoos

  15. Drink (favourite, drip)

  16. Magazine Collage

  17. Zentangle

  18. Doodle

  19. Black and white

  20. Glue (stencil, dots, pages)

  21. Memory

  22. Secret

  23. Your hands (paint/trace)


  25. Copy (style of an artist, an opera)

  26. A your ideas (boy with a head full of what they’re thinking)

  27. Sea (use sand

  28. Brain (professional, tour of yours)

  29. Stencil (use them)
  30. Details (in a drawing, during an event, time)

  31. White (ehiteon black, blank space)

  32. Shadows

  33. Sign

  34. Emotions

  35. Fandom related (patronus, new lenguage, fan art)

  36. Optical illusion

  37. 3D

  38. Doodle

  39. Motion (phases, mini book)

  40. Maze

  41. Awful

  42. Books

  43. Place (favorite, plan journey9Project (dream house, general)

  44. Tools (you use)

  45. Creepy (story, drawing, costume)

  46. Chibi

  47. Techology (invent)

  48. Patterns

  49. Fire (draw, burn)

  50. Whatever you like!


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2 comments on “50 creative days challenge”

  1. This challenge looks very interesting, but I don’t think I’d have the time on my hands to take upon this challenge. However I am sure you are going to succeed..Good luck! :)

    -Jess @jbelkbooks

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