The Deadly Sun tour banner

Hi everyone! I’m so excited to join this tour about the book The Deadly Sun by H.J. Lawson. In the post you’ll find the plot, a bio about the author and a giveaway!


The Deadly SunAbout the book The Deadly Sun:
  • Genres: YA Dystopian, Scifi
  • Release date: August 21st 2017
  • Plot: Skylier is desperate to escape her underground confines and save her mother’s life. On a school visit, she hears something she’s not supposed to and now she realizes that not only was her whole life a lie, but that she is in grave danger. She doesn’t know who to trust and her enemies are everywhere. Now she is in a race against time to save not only her life, but her mother’s and those she cares about.And if she fails, she’ll suffer a fate worse than death…